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The Tank007 Tk-566 is a 1xAA flashlight which can be modified to a 2xAA format with an extension tube (purchased separately).  This flashlight utilizes a Cree XRE Q4 LED to produce a rated 160 lumens of brightness and can use either alkaline or Nimh batteries as well as rechargeable lithium 14500 batteries (manufacturer claim).  This flashlight is very similar in size and function to the Tank007 E3 which is essentially a stainless steel version of the same flashlight.  The only difference is the LED bin which in this case is a Q4 instead of a Q5 and the reflector is smooth on the TK-566 while it is orange-peel on the E3 (In addition to the obvious steel vs. aluminum aspect.  This flashlight is a nice and simple design which works well and is a nice option in the less expensive range of flashlights (only costing $15 USD).  This flashlight has many aspects which are identical to the E3 and as such some parts of the review will contain duplicate information.

Manufacturer Specifications

 Cree 7090 XRE Q5 LED (driven at 3 watts) (80,000 hour lifespan)

Battery: 1 x AA (nimh, alkaline) or 1x14500 lithium
Reflector:  smooth
MSRP:  $15.00 USD
   - Length listed:  97mm
- Length: measured:  99mm
- Listed diameter: 20mm
-Measured Diameter (bezel): 20mm   
- Weight: 40 grams (excluding batteries)
- Digitally-regulated circuit maintains constant brightness (700mA Current output)
- Circuitry Features mode memory.
-  Material: Aircraft grade aluminum (HAIII)
- Shockproof and water resistant
- Voltage Input range: 0.8v to 4.2v
- Reverse Tail Switch (glow in the dark)
- 5 modes
- Brightness of 160 lumens
- Beam length of 100 meters
- smooth reflector
Coated clear glass lens
- O-rings that protect the light at potential points of water entry
- Accessories: lanyard, o-rings.

Output Modes (5 total modes)
-High: 160 lumens (1.5 hours)
-Mid: 70 lumens (6 hours)
-Low: 12 lumens (50 hours)
-Strobe (max brightness)
-SOS (max brightness)


The Tank007 TK-566 is a very standard sized 1xAA flashlight.  This flashlight comes in a generic Tank007 packaging with a lanyard and 2 spare o-rings.  



The packaging itself is standard for the Tank007 company and therefore does not contain any information specific to this model of flashlight, simply stating that the content is a “multipurpose flashlight” with a high powered LED.  There was also no manual included, but any important information is found easily and directly on Tank007’s website.  (There is a listing for the TK-566 on their website with all relevant information.)


The TK-566 has HA aluminum body and is very smooth and well machined.  It is much lighter than its stainless steel cousin the E3, weighing less than half, thus making more a better EDC light if you are worried about weight.  As far as physical size goes, it is roughly the same size as the E3.  The anodization is smooth and covers the entire flashlight except for the threads between the main battery tube and the bezel.  These threads are very stiff and are not easily taken apart.

Design (body):

The body of the TK-566  has some “squared” knurling along the center and the tailcap.  This knurling is fairly smooth, much less aggressive and therefore offers much less grip than standard knurling.  Along the center of the body there are two flat areas where the name and brand have been laser engraved.  This is different than other HA flashlights because you can feel the grooves along the letters with your fingers, it goes fairly deep.  There is no clip on this flashlight which would have been a nice feature since it’s such a small light and would be good for EDC use.  This also means that the flashlight will roll off an uneven surface since it is circular all the way around.  The lanyard, which is included, can be attached in order to keep it from rolling around.  This lanyard is attached to the flashlight by means of two holes that have been drilled into the tailcap rim.

One issue that I have with the design of the TK-566 is that the glow-in-the-dark tail-switch protrudes outwards from the end of the flashlight.  This switch is not flat but rather curved so therefore the flashlight cannot tailstand.  I know that many people like using their flashlights as lanterns, tailstanding them on tables, and I know that tailstand capability can be important.  I think that simple design change with the switch would have made a lot of sense.

The bezel on the TK-566 is very smooth and well finished. 


There are 2 holes in the tailcap which are for the lanyard.  Since the area between the button and the holes is so small, it can be somewhat difficult to get the lanyard in these holes because it’s a tight fit.  The lanyard is a standard quality lanyard.  The holes that have been bored into the aluminum look smooth enough, but I would always suggest attaching a split ring to the holes and then attaching the lanyard to that.  This helps prolong the life of the lanyard and keeps it from fraying against rough surfaces.

The TK-566 has standard triangular threads which have been pre-lubricated from factory.  These threads are very smooth and are hard anodized.  The flashlight can be disassembled into three parts, with each end of the body tube having one o-ring to protect it from water entry.  I tested the flashlight in approximately one meter of water for 5 minutes and had no problems.  There were no areas with moisture that could be visibly seen and the operation was unchanged.

Design: (reflector)

The reflector is a smooth texture and thus it throws quite far for a flashlight of its size.  The beam pattern can thus be described as having a very well defined hotspot with a darker ring surrounding it.  Surrounding this darker ring is a smooth transition of flood all the way to the rim of the beam.  There are no artifacts in the beam.



The LED on the TK-566 is an XRE Q4 which Tank007 rates at 160 lumens.  While the 160 lumens might only be reached on a 14500 lithium battery, the flashlight still puts out an extraordinary amount of light for its size and battery type. ( I tested it with Nimh).  The beam is a very nice white color with no tints.  The LED was also perfectly centered in the reflector.

User Interface:

The user interface on the Tank007 TK-566  is a standard interface which is seen in many tactical flashlights.  The button on the tailcap must be fully depressed and then let go in order to turn the flashlight on (there is no momentary on function).  Once the flashlight is turned on, the modes are switched by slightly tapping on the button until the desired mode is reached.  There are five total modes on this flashlight.  The sequence is Highàmediumàlowàstrobeà SOS.  These modes will repeat once the end has been reached.  There is also a memory built into the flashlight so that it will remember at what setting it was turned off at and thus will turn on at the same level.  I wish there was some way of bypassing the blinking modes since I do not have any use for them.  Unfortunately I must quickly cycle through them in order to change the brightness level.  Also, the TK-566 SOS mode is really SOSOSO and is not a true SOS-SOS sequence.


The Tank007 TK-566 uses regular AA sized batteries which makes this particular model very practical since replacement batteries can be purchased anywhere.  It is very bright on just one Nimh or alkaline battery.


The Tank007 TK-566 is a flashlight that was designed for people who want to have a cheap alternative 1xAA flashlight for EDC.  The flashlight is by no means the smallest 1xAA flashlight available and neither is the sturdiest but it is a nice size.  The flashlight is well machined and feels good enough.  The aluminum is not as thick as what is found in a Fenix flashlight, but the price reflects this.  I wish that the tailcap button could have been recessed slightly so that the flashlight could tailstand and I also wish that the blinking modes were placed in another menu which could be bypassed.  Other than this, the TK-566 is a nice and pocketable flashlight which seems decently made and fulfills its function of a cheaper 1xAA flashlight which has adequate brightness and sturdiness for its price point.


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